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Q. How long will it take to dispatch my order

A. Please allow up to 5 working days to dispatch your order as some products may be sourced to request from other stores or warehouses. If your order contains large quantities or custom items, the lead time may be longer. If your order is urgent, please contact us beforehand so we can confirm what will work best for you

Q. What is Polyurethane and what causes Hydrolysis?

A. Polyurethane is a plastic material, a polymer composed of a chain of organic units joined by carbamate links. Footwear made up with Polyurethane in the midsoles tcreates the lightweight, long-lasting comfort you find in some styles of boots. While polyurethane is very flexible, light and durable it can be susceptible to hydrolysis if not used properly. Hydrolysis is a reaction, when undisturbed poly molecules sit for extended periods of time they become weaker and thus leading to problems such as sole disintegration. The best way to avoid hydrolysis is to use your boots, wearing them will keep the Polyurethane molecules “alive” and make them last. Storing our boots for a long time can create hydrolysis.

Q. How should I look after my boot leather?

 A. Leather will eventually crack or split without proper conditioning. The hide has oils that need to be replenished during the life of the boot. We recommend treating your leather with Joseph Luddy Dubin, to maintain the leather's suppleness. Oils such as Neat's-Foot Oils can saturate the leather and have the boot stretch out of shape.

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